A Cold Day On The Border Line:

McCain Embraces Climate Change!!!

PORTLAND, Ore. — John McCain launched a green-tinted courtship of West Coast swing voters on Monday, with a call to action on global warming and an indictment of the Bush administration's "failed" policies to combat it.

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee visited the wind-power technology firm Vestas, near Portland International Airport, to decry melting polar ice, vanishing glaciers, changes in animal migration and "rising temperatures and waters," all products, he said, of a reliance on fossil fuels that threatens America's economy and security.

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Crooked Talk Trolley said...

Just a tactic to stop Obama from saying McCain's running for Bush's 3rd term.
If the American Hero becomes the Prez. Watch for coal fired power plants popping in your neighborhood.

Ray said...

Do you suppose -- McCain was talking global warming in California and Oregon -- that he was pandering for the establishment of a new base? Like the Religious Right and the Small Governmenters, no doubt McCain will forget all about global warming once elected.