Governing By The Numbers...

Bush 28 percent v. Global Warming 85 percent

According to a Time magazine/ABC News/Stanford University poll, the majority of Americans - 85 percent, to be exact - believe global warming is a threat.

The latest Associated Press-Ipsos poll finds that only 28 percent of Americans approve of the job Bush is doing, a new low. He was at 30 percent last month.

What about Congress?

More on Congress related polls.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and the same poll puts the Reid/Pelocsi-led Democrat Congress at 23%. And that is UP from previous polls, some of which have put Congress's popularity as low as 17%.

Perhaps if government would stop meddling in our lives so much, people would start thinging better of it.

The goverment which governs best, governs least -- Jefferson.

Sunny Badger said...


What were the pools at when we had the Republican-run, rubber-stamp Congress and Senate?

Does anarchy imply no government? Than would seem to be Jefferson's comment with the stuffing removed.

Anonymous said...

At one time most people believed the earth was flat or was the center of the solar system. Most people today are unable to make change. Polls based on the beliefs of the ignorant masses does not make for good science.

Even the United Nations, which has been the driver of this global warming scam or is it now climate change, has admitted that temperatures have been cooling for the past ten years. This coincides with the fact that solar actvity has become rather muted,which is sparking fears of another Maunder Minimum that ushered in a harsh cooling period several hundred years ago.

But such scientific admission would cost Al Gore hundreds of million os dollars and make fools of the believers. No it is far better to destroy lives than admit that you have been duped.


Sunny Badger said...


Here's my two points on global warming:

1. Global warming is a fact. The debate is over the cause of it -- natural v. man made. If Ice Ages have come and gone with the glaciers, we've had global warming -- and cooling.

2. Money spent on combating global warming provides jobs and technological advancement. A similar example might be the quest to put a man on the Moon.

As a libertarian, I firmly believe that it is the duty of an individuals to do whatever they can not to pollute and damage the environment used by all other individuals. I don't score 100 percent in my belief to protect the environment, but I believe it is the only goal believers in individual freedom would reach for.