Like Water And Grain

"The slogan of 'less government in business and more business in government' is a very good one, not mainly on account of business or government, but on account of the people. Business is not the reason why the United States was founded. The Declaration of Independence is not a business charter, nor is the Constitution of the United States a commercial schedule. The United States - its land, people, government, and business - are but methods by which the life of the people is made worth while. The government is a servant and never should be anything but a servant. The moment the people become adjuncts to government, then the law of retribution begins to work, for such a relation is unnatural, immoral and inhuman. We cannot live without business and we cannot live without government. Business and government are necessary servants, like water and grain; as masters they overturn the natural order."

Henry Ford

My Life And Work

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