Obama Packs House in Eau Claire

Packed House in Wisconsin
by Sarah RameySaturday, February 16, 2008 at 08:35 PM

Barack Obama absolutely packed the house at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire today:

Getting ready for their February 19th primary coming up this Tuesday, Wisconsinites have been coming from all over the state to see Senator Obama speak, even on a chilly Saturday afternoon like today. In fact, so many people showed up to the rally that the crowd spilled over by the hundreds outside...

Here's Barack coming to speak to the overflow crowd:

Earlier in the day, Barack had a chance to visit the Northcentral Technical College in Wausau where he held a community meeting and got to talk with with students from the college about his plan to strengthen America’s community colleges and prepare students for 21st century jobs.

He met with two students in particular: Andrew Staub, a 21-year-old Electronics student who earned a degree in Electromechanical Technology, and returned to NTC to continue his education because of the valuable training opportunities the school provides; and Kimberly Whitewater, a human services student who grew up in a family without the resources to pursue a higher education, and is attending NTC to gain new opportunities in the workforce.
Here's a quick video of Andrew and Kimberly giving Senator Obama a tour of NTC:

All in all, a great day for Barack Obama in Wisconsin!

To get involved in Wisconsin, please visit WI.BarackObama.com.

And tomorrow, we'll need your help making calls to Wisconsin voters to make sure we get out the vote!

See you then...


Dr. Bil Fan Club said...

Dear Dr. ( Liberty ) Bil....

I'm looking forward to seeing the OTBL post with this kind of crowd for
Ron Paul.


I'm laughing my A$$ off!

Hope-A-Dope said...

Hope Monger is going to be making get-out-the-vote phone calls tomorrow? I hope I get one of those. Maybe he can explain why Obama (the great speech maker) needs to steal his material from his buddy Devall Patrick, and needs to appropriate "his" ideas from his fellow candidates.

Yes We Can!! said...


Hope Monger said...

Hey Dopie,

See you at the Obama victory party tomorrow eh?

CANRAC said...

They are holding the Ron Paul victory party in a booth at Burger King, seats six so plenty of room.