McCain Crushes The Right Wing Nuts

Our favorite nut job at ontheborderline.net CARNAC has another one of his "enlightened" post asking the following question about John McCain:

Q: How should the communist John McCain feel about using a picture of Ronald Reagan in his T.V. commercial?


Just when you though the OTBL'ers had reached the bottom of their septic system of slander, they find a vein of invective that allows them to go even deeper. Below is my impression of how the right wing idiots see John McCain:

The chickens are coming home to roost in the Republican Party. The coalition of lazy-unfair business men, hyper-selfish libertarians, the Christian Right hatemongers, the one-issue rednecks and the My-Country-Right-Or-Wrong sheeple is coming apart at the seams. The cowboy conservatism of Barry Goldwater that was tarred and feathered in 1964 but eventually escaped its straight jack with Reagan’s ride to victory in 1980 is running its course. The "free market" has been broken and the paternal, East Cost conservatism of George Bush Sr. is going to be working its way back into the mainstream of our political arena.

Look who’s still in the Republican race -- McCain, Huckabee and Romney. Huckabee beat Romney in Iowa because Romney is an Eastern conservative who is to the left of a moderate Iowan liberal. McCain’s a moderate who will win the Republican nomination and will give the Democrats a very hard race. It’s going to be hard for Democrats to hate McCain in 2008 the same way they hated W in 2004. In 2000, the Democrats were once again asleep at the wheel and let the Bush debacle escaped from the straight jacket.

Why do you think Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Glen Beck and the rest of right wing idiocracy are trashing McCain so badly? It will put him into retirement, once common sense conservatism returns. Ditto for those wacko far Lefties. Despite what Hannity, Beck and the rest of the right-stream-media mouths spew, Clinton is more towards the corporate center and Obama is hanging towards the center of the blue-collar voters.

It looks like the wackos on the left and the right end of the political spectrum a driving the common sense majority into the middle. What a breath of fresh air it would be to have moderates and pragmatists back in charge. Who knows, there’s a chance that democracy in the United States might start working again and our nation might regain some respect in the world community.

Below is how Americans with common sense and respect see John McCain:

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