Bill Clinton Campaign Chair Goes for Obama

New York Times

Bill Clinton Campaign Chair Goes for Obama

David Wilhelm, who was Bill Clinton’s campaign chairman in 1992, has endorsed Senator Barack Obama for president.

Mr. Wilhelm lives and works in Ohio, which will be a major battleground for the Democratic candidates come March 4.

After Mr. Wilhelm helped him win the election, Mr. Clinton made Mr. Wilhelm the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Now a venture capitalist who focuses on neglected regions of the country, Mr. Wilhelm is also a superdelegate and said he expected the Obama campaign would want him to get on the phone to lobby other superdelegates.

He said in a conference call today that Mr. Obama was more electable than Senator Hillary Clinton. Mr. Obama’s campaign is evidence of his leadership, he said, calling it “masterful.”

“He has out-worked her, out-organized her and out-raised her,” Mr. Wilhelm said. “I know organizational excellence when I see it, and the Obama campaign, win or lose, will serve as a model” of execution of strategy, message discipline, application of new technology and small-donor fund raising.


elsylee said...

BTW I found some awesome analysis on the Democratic Campaign check out “Beating a Dead Donkey” and “The Negative Factor” on http://www.savagepolitics.com

How come no one in the MSM media is addressing these reports:

plus the Obama limo sex and drug party allegations:

Isn't the media supposed to be somewhat objective? Aren’t we (the public) supposed to make up our minds by ourselves as to who is the best candidate? Aren’t we supposed to hear all allegations/news on each candidate….They throw trash at every other candidate while painting Obama as a saint.

Mr. Clean said...


Please? You are giving this guy credibility. All I can say is that you're a poor judge of character.

This guy doesn't look able to drive a
bicycle, let alone drive or own a limo.

Looks like you had to dig to the bottom of your dirtbag to find this one.


elsylee said...

btw that was just for fun, but you never know...remember Ted Haggard..

Mr.Clean said...

I even remember Jimmy Swaggart. What's your point?

CANRAC said...

I'm still trying to figure out why some refer to Ron Paul as "Dr. Paul??? Goofiest thing I've ever heard.

Sunny Badger said...

Ron Paul was a flight surgeon in the Navy and a baby doctor before politcs.