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CANRAC said...

The OTBL blogging would be more effective if it wasn't full of misinformation. In a recent thread on a event which occured between two public employees the posters have managed to incorrectly post what happened, where it happened, and what happened afterwards. The ever popular "fountain of misinformation". And they wonder why credibility lacks.

George Tirebiter said...

So far, you have described about half of the entries on OTBL, since many of them include something that happened in Hudson and involved public employees. Can you be more specific about which event, and tell us what really happened?

Dr. Bilious said...

I would like to briefly chime in here on this.. Although I have long since moved away from Hudson, I too have experienced first hand the incredibly unprofessional nature of Officer Hartman. This guy should have been re-assigned, if not outright fired, on the heels of the now infamous June 14th, 2005 Hudson School Board meeting. I am unaware of the details of the fight he got into with an EMT.
You can learn a little more about Officer Hartman by reading the blog entry that includes a copy of the signed letter I submitted as evidence to then Chief of Police, Richard Trende.
Link Here: http://www.ontheborderline.net/?p=3194
Then there was the whole Devin Willi matter, which although Officer Hartman had no involvement in (at least to my knowledge), it was an incredible circumstance whereby several individuals were smeared in the Hudson Star Observer (insinuations of involvement with a threat letter sent to City Executive, Devin Willi). Well, that case never saw the light of day notwithstanding evidence presented to the police department directly implicating a city employee. It was buried. I was first hand to not only that evidence, but also in direct discussions with a City Council member (whom still resides on the council) about this matter.
To this day, no one knows what happened to the evidence in that case - it was all sent to the Wisconsin State Crime lab, and no mention was ever made of it hence. Yet, the impressions left by the newspaper in Hudson as to the possible involvement of certain individuals in the community was never corrected. Utterly stunning.
Then, in a different matter, a good friend of mine was verbally abused and confronted in the Hudson High School parking lot by two school board member, re-election volunteers. The group was using public property to engage in political activities and a citizen drove in to take photos of what could be considered a violation of campaign laws (using school property or resources to engage in political campaigning for incumbent school board members). She was alone and was approached by what can only be described as a mob and verbally harrassed - so much so, that she called 911 as she feared for her personal safety. The police, upon arriving and finding out who was whom in the mix, actually took sides with the mob who was harrassing the victim! The police did nothing, except to state that this woman had a history of being critical of the school district! A total sham and utterly incredible.
On the heels of these events, I personally went and spoke on camera to the Hudson City Council asking for nothing more than some accountability. To this day, none of these matters have been rectified to my or anyone else’s satisfaction.
You are right to get the media involved here. Unless a bright light is shined on this, business as usual will sweep these matters under the rug. Justice demands some accountability and the facts need to be presented to a candid public. If Mrs Bear was inebriated beyond the legal limit in this tragedy, then she ought to face whatever legal penalties are provided.
As for this incestuous relationship between the Hudson City Council, City Hall, the Police, the School District and the Newspaper (Hudson Star Observer) it is simply a fact that such a tawdry interconnection exists. The Star Observer has so much mud on its face, I am stunned anyone would stoop so low as to actually purchase a copy of it.

CANRAC said...

For the record..............

Don't expect quick action from the Wisconsin Crime lab, they are buried in much more serious stuff, I doubt this one is a priority for them and you really have to wonder what they would actually find? Probably not worth the cost them when they deal with murderers, drugs, and other henious crimes.

I wasn't at the high school parking lot, nor am I in tune with what exactly happened. I won't comment on it.

Maybe the council needs to explain "why" they didn't push more on the meeting incident, and the letter incident? Has anybody really asked or explained? IMO, too much focus is put on the employees when it should be directed at the leadership.

I'm leaving the accident alone, its a tragic loss and situation. My heart goes out to the family. What happened didn't cause the end result, I do certainly hope this incident is brought under some type of review even if some type of action won't change the end result.

And lastly, I'm not Chief Trende as was indicated on another site. I actually laughed, the former chief and I from what I know are probably total opposites.

Doughnuts said...


It is interesting see the mighty CW whine ontheborderline about someone using the Canrac handle. Gee, maybe they learned it from his comments on the local newspaper blogs.

Of course, with CW's CSI skills learned in the coal mines of southern Illinois, I'm sure it was easy to Shelock Holmes his way to the bottom of this case. You notice those really stupid posts he makes where no one would tough the with a comment on a 10-foot pole. It must get lonely in that basement wrapping your nuts in a fuzzy, slime green head band.

CANRAC said...

I kind of look at it this way, I apparantly got under his/her skin, irritated them a bit, and they read my stuff. I guess I'm OK with that.

Are you saying Luke is CW?? I've never really tried to figure that one out but then again I don't read OTBL every day.

Doughnuts said...

According to a reliable source who used to post there, CW is Luke and about three other names.

Tommy Time traveler said...

Dateline Feb. 2015.

Christian Community Home resident former internet nut entrepreneur Curt D.Weasel and POS author Dr. Dan Billiamson will present the 75th session in their 150 part series entitled, "Those Damn Socialists".
Tonight's lecture with reconstruct the myriad of abuses committed by Hudson local government officials and school board supporters but will focus intently on the most heinous crimes and abuses in Hudson history. The notoriousness "School board parking lot incident" and the still unresolved "Devin Willi Letter".
Following the presentations the Alzheimer ridden Dr.s of Liberty will continue their new membership drive for the Hudson Conspiriology Club.
Goodwill offerings will be graciously accepted.

George Tirebiter said...

So Canrac, you still haven't said what the "misinformation" is that you described in your post at the beginning of this thread. If you want to retain your credibility on this blog, please back up your posts with some facts.

Anonymous said...

What does credibility have to do with blogging?