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Ron Paul: white supremacist's $500 donation to spread 'message of freedom'

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) An aide to Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul says the congressman won't be giving back a $500 campaign donation he received from a white supremacist.

The money comes from Don Black of West Palm Beach, Florida. He runs a Web site with the motto "White Pride World Wide." Black says he knows that Paul isn't a white nationalist. He says he likes Paul's stance on ending the war in Iraq and securing U.S.borders, and his opposition to amnesty for illegal immigrants.

A Paul spokesman says the candidate will "take the money and try to spread the message of freedom." He says if someone with "small ideologies" thinks a donation will influence Paul, then he's "wasted his money." He says that Black now has $500 less to "do whatever it is that he does."


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