OTBL Adopts Revolutionary Look

By now you’ve probably noticed our new look for the
new year. But never fear, ontheborderline will continue
it’s tradition of posting character assassinating junk
as it has since it’s inception.
Inspired by the auto erotic nocturnal imaginings of one
of our Dr.s of Liberty, our new design (borrowed from
the 1776 clipart emporium) will surely inspire the same
American revolutionary fruitcake zeal as or former
boring template. The founders of ontheborderline.nut
would like to take this opportunity to wish all our
social misfit readers, a new year filled with Anti-statist
rhetoric and anarchistic desire.

ontheborderline admin.


Nose Plugger said...

It's great to see that change isn't a constant. At OTBL there is no gear for forward...only reverse.

There is a certain streak about that blog site that reminds me of underwear that have not been change for too long.

Three Cornered Hat said...

A fine example of forward thinking quoted below:
I think you're gonna need a bigger nose plugger after reading this:

comment on OTBL by bildanielson:

"Somebody please turn out the lights. I am going to bed early and hopefully when I awake on Christmas eve it will all be apparent that it was a horrible dream and that, in fact, the year is actually 1775, and I will be headed down to a pub in Boston tomorrow to discuss the matter of King George’s proclamation which went into effect, actually, today. The proclamation closes the American colonies to all commerce and trade, to take effect in March of the coming year (1776). There are also rumors of France being willing to aid in the revolution. There is much to discuss and ale to be drunk. Good night."

No Noose Is Good Noose said...

I overheard Lou Dobbs and a couple of his friends from the John Birch Society talking about being at the pub with Dr. Bil PhD. They were at the Bill O'Reilly Atfer-Holdiay sale buying some cheap sheets of an upcoming Ron Paul rally.

CANRAC said...

Does it past the smell test??

You know.........

If it smells like dog crap, and looks like dog crap, it must be ___________

Three Cornered Hat said...

Didn't know Ron Paul ran for President in 1776?

CANRAC said...

I didn't know they had lights to turn out.