Ontheborderline.nut Starts Phone Soliciting Service In Prescott

It appears as though some gang members in Prescott are fighting over the extortion money that they can get from local businesses. Here is what one gang member from ontheborderline.nut has done about it...

In order to capitalize on capitalism, the head capitalist at the ontheborderline.nut blog has started a phone soliciting service to get a cut of the action in Prescott. He has contracted with the Prescott school to help raise money to reduce the school budget because of late night phone calls from individuals claiming to be free market capitalists opposing treasonous side into the murky waters of socialism have caused cuts in the school budget.

His scheme is under investigation as being part of a double-entendre triangulation of a monotheistic ideology in a one-dimensional black and white world. Below is an artist's rendition of what took place during one of the calls, according to an ear-witness.

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