Moses:"Thou Shalt Not Pay Taxes"

Moses Brings God's Message of Laissez Faire Capitalism to Man.
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The hottest new release on the Ayn Rand Best Seller Vanity
Press List (Only 100,000 spots below Ann Coulter's "Godless" )
"The Price of Sin".
Authors Mark Pribonic and William Ayres Danielson AKA
"...an author of hundreds of blogsphere articles, both under his real name and under pseudonyms."( we know them all dontreadonme..) concoct a new mythology for the arm chair Capitalist. Moses was the messenger from God to bring capitalism to the world.

An anotation about this new thriller:

"The Ten Commandments are the moral codes by which God had commanded the manner in which individuals are to lead their daily lives. However, more than this, embedded in the moral code first received by Moses is the foundations of capitalism and limited government “The bottom line is that Moses, Paine and Rand could have all sat down and agreed on the most important outcome, yet disagreed on the source. Can you imagine the scene? Stunning indeed.” After reading this book, you will never look at the organization of society [government] the same again."

Yes that's right, Ayn Rand, author of "The Virtue of Selfishness" in agreement with Moses. The same atheistic Ayn Rand who said... "Evil requires the sanction of the victim."( Tell that to a rape victim ) and "Guilt is a rope that wears thin."

So there you have it. Moses was the first Libertarian.

Our view: The premise for this book is utter nonsense.
The price for indulging in this sin...Hardback $27.89.

Decide for yourself.
Excerpt available:

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It's rumored that the next release by this dynamic team of authors will be
"Why God Gave You Bad Bootstraps"
and Dr. Danielson's solo effort: "Why I Am So Wise; A Retort to Nitzche"

1 comment:

Venture Socialist said...


The irony of this book being published is that it will teach these
to bush league capitalists a good lesson in Capitalism. I always thought
the idea of publishing a book was to make money, not loose it to
someone charging exorbitant fees to feed your ego by putting your name in print.
If these two "authors" were as astute in business as they think they are
they'd open up their on Vanity Publishing House and really start raking
in the dough. After the two Moms buys this book, who else is the audience? The half dozen
OTBL diehards on the borderline? I'm glad I didn't invest in this venture.