1967: Down Wing Nut Memory Lane

Right outside the window was Billy's own Cadillac El Dorado Coupe de Ville. He read the stickers on the bumper, "Visit Ausable Chasm," said one. "Support Your Police Department," said another. There was a third. "Impeach Earl Warren," it said. The stickers about the police and Earl Warren were gifts from Billy's father-in-law, a member of the John Birch Society. The date on the license plate was 1967, which would make Billy Pilgrim forty-four years old. He asked himself this: "Where have all the years gone?"

Kurt Vonnegut



Alfred Alzheimer said...

I don't remember the term "Wingnut"
being used back in '67. But I do remember "Crackpot". I guess they're interchangeable!

Kowboy K Kurtass said...


I believe back in '67, if you overtighten the wingnuts, you were in danger of cracking the pot.

I remember the "pot" being used in '67, but not "crack."

I have to go now. I need go out in the garage and straigthen up my gold bag.