A Positive Light Shines In New Richmond

"You know the bozos I’m talking about. These Hudson bloggers have invaded your fair city a few times. Their goal is the destruction of public education. When you say “Go Tigers!” they say “Go Away Tigers!”'

Bob "Mudslinger" Muchlinski

(An excellent letter was published in the New Richmond News this week. The letter writer demonstrated that the concerned for, and dedication to, the education of our kids can reach beyond the boundaries of the local school district. It's nice to see some position encouragement from outside the New Richmond community. The New Richmond school district and members of the community have been smeared repeatedly by a group of anti-education bloggers oozing out of Hudson who specialize in misinformation and slander.)

To the Editor:

How encouraging to see Superintendent Veilleux and the New Richmond School Board take the bull by the horns, complete a thorough review of your K-12 space needs, and propose a comprehensive plan for referendum.

I’m very envious. I’ve been asking the Hudson School Board and superintendent to do the exact same thing. But they don’t have the guts. They’re afraid of a few anti-school bloggers in Hudson.

You know the bozos I’m talking about. These Hudson bloggers have invaded your fair city a few times. Their goal is the destruction of public education. When you say “Go Tigers!” they say “Go Away Tigers!”

I’m glad New Richmond citizens care more about your schools, students and teachers than you do about the vile intimidation of a few miscreants in Hudson.

And what a pleasant surprise to read in the newspaper that Mr. Bob Ziller has promised the superintendent he would put a “Vote Yes” sign in his yard! For too long, Mr. Ziller has aligned himself with the Hudson bloggers. But now he is putting New Richmond first - telling the bloggers to stay away, and vocally supporting the referendum.

Mr. Ziller will be pressured by the Hudson bloggers to change his mind, but I’m sure that Mr. Ziller will be a man of his word. He’ll put up that Vote Yes sign. He’ll tell his friends and neighbors to vote yes. And he’ll proudly vote yes in the voting booth.

When your new high school opens in 2010, I’m going to take a tour. I’ll be green with envy, knowing that Hudson desperately needs the same thing.

New Richmond has what it takes. You know the strength of your city goes hand-in-hand with the strength of your schools. You are ready to invest in what your city needs.

Go Tigers!

Robert Muchlinski



Kalvyn Clean said...

Thanks for putting Bob's picture in your article. I always wondered what he looked like.

Admin said...

That's before he switched to cigars.

Standing up for Public Ed said...

This letter is right on the mark.
The Hudson School Board is intimidated by an handful of malcontents whose goal is to destroy public education and replace it with a Wal-Mart style cut rate version of Sylvan Learning Inc. Congratulations, NR School Board, at least you are doing what a School Board should be...leading not cowering.

You look great in that black mini-
skirt. I'm glad the admin posted your picture in the Ann Coulter post.

Roadkill said...

I’m just hoping that the NRSD is not leading the community off a financial cliff.

Consider that the largest successful school referendum in Wisconsin history was voted on in Janesville last fall for $70.8 Million. Janesville has a population of over 62,000. Before that, that largest was in Wausau ($65.4 Million), population about 40,000. The New Richmond School Board is asking its voters to support a $93 Million referendum – all 8,000 of them.

Yes, the building plans being proposed by the NRSD will certainly address all the facility needs of the schools, and will make them a model for other cities in the area. But I question whether it’s financially responsible to place this huge financial burden on the small tax base of that fair city.

Tiger said...

It will be interesting to see how this works. I'm going to make sure I drink only bottled water and avoid the New Richmond public water a couple days before the election.

Or maybe the water supply should be checked now. I believe I've seen some of the school board members walking around town wearing mirrored sunglasses at night.