Subsidized Adult Kindergarten a Hit @ OTBL

Enroll before classes are full.


Skool Mom's Boy said...

You commies just want to screw up all the kids early so they can go on the dole by the time their eighteen. I say "let the parents screw kids up" like my Mom and Pop did back in the day, then at least you have only 2 people to blame.
BTW, what are the prerequisites for that 45 year old Kindergarten?

Wally The Wrecker said...


Ewe our sew wright!

Inn ah free market society, we wouldn't have to put all our eggs into the same giverment skools. By spreading out the job of screwing up the kids, we would get a large variation in the screw patterns and this would fall under the heading of "diversity" and that's a good thing for you liberals.

Recruiting for the enemy said...

Hey Wally, if you want Strict Doctrine and conformity, head over to OTBL, I think the 2 guys left over there are looking for new nitwits to join their
Non Variation Brigade.
Since you hate diversity, you'd fit right in.
You're not 45 are you? If so you may get an enrollment discount for the fall kinder classes.