Coming soon to The New York Times? Globe reports Bush marriage breakup

In Patrick Healy's recent front-page New York Times article on the state of the Clintons' marriage, Healy noted that a "tabloid photograph" of former President Bill Clinton "was enough to fuel coverage in the gossip pages." Media Matters does not endorse the decision by elite media figures to take their cues from tabloids, but if they do so, we expect them to be consistent. As it happens, the cover of the May 29 edition of the Globe magazine contains a headline about another high-profile political couple: "BUSH MARRIAGE BREAKUP! EXCLUSIVE! SEPARATE LIVES IN THE WHITE HOUSE."

Read the shocking details!!!!

George and Laura Bush have Seperate Beds! Do we have a "liberal" press, or a bunch of Gossip Mongers!!!!

George Bush and Laura Bush sleep in separate beds and Laura calls Bush a drunk...Advises him he needs serious help! ... Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have love triangles....Frist likes to play doctor...

Today's headlines brought to you courtesy of the corporate media and former 'liberal' press: NYT, WAPO, and The GLOBE.

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