November 24 Is BUYING NOTHING DAY -- Help Support Global Cooling

On The borderliners beware:

They start at 5 AM, duct-taping Reverend Billy's Christmas Commandments to the front door of Macy's and pastoring to the sinners waiting for their Lake of Hellfire to engulf them.

Here it is, Buy Nothing Day once again and the frenzied shopping begins. Every year the Goliath of Consumerism walks toward us, and each year he is a couple feet taller, with global warming and market-driven wars at his back. We are humbled by the prospects of changing a national way of life, but we are laughing, and we continue to Stop Shopping.

At 11 AM, come to Victoria's Secret at 57th St. and 5th Ave. Fine purveyors of clear-cut forests and a million catalogues a day, plus the usual sweat-shopping and so forth - we will start our stopped shopping with Vicki. Forest Ethics is our partner on this one.

Buy less; read more!


people R Sheep. com said...

What was I thinking? Thanksgiving Day was winding down for me and I guess out of boredom, I decided to drive over to Comp USA and check out their sale items. When I get there, there are 200-300 people standing in line outside the store 20 mins. after they're 9:00PM opening time. I turned around and came home. I've heard story after story of people camping out for 5:00 AM openings. For What??? It's like we're all in this market-media driven skinner box. I can't say I'm much better except I didn't wait in line.

Cato said...

I got some nice deals. "Black Friday" isn't even the busiest shopping day of the year. I believe Dec. 21st or 23rd is.

Kowboy Kurt said...

I prefer to shop on December 23. By that time the employees to give a shit if they snarled at you and the are thinking about driving a stake of holly through anybody's heart that dares mention "Merry Christmas."

I stopped by Wal-Mart last night to see about the PlayStation 3. I don't know what they are and I was surprised to find out they cost $600. When I asked the kid/clerk if they hand any, he looked at me like I shit my pants and said they didn't for a week or something.

If figured they were out, but I was interested in knowing if the wait in line was worth it. I felt so humbled by his "you poor ingorant old fucker" stare that I stopped by the liquor store, bought a case of Schlitz and went home drank the beer and play my video Pong game while listerning to my 8-tracks. Those tatto-wearing, earing-ladden, hat-on-backwards with their exposed butt cracks don't know what they are missing. It's too bad I had already put my golf bag away or I would have...