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The following is a typical post of twisted, misleading and blatantly wrong information posted at the ontheborderline.net blog site. This particular poster goes by the name of Jack Bauer and endorses New Richmond school board candidates Rick Hinz and Bob Sievert. "Jack Bauer" never seems to post any positive, factual information as to why anybody should voted for Bob and Rick, she just takes the Neanderthalian approach of endorsement: "Bob and Rick Good. Deanna and Andy Bad. Ug." Then she proceeds to use an incomprehensible variety of twisted fiction to put down and slander anyone on the New Richmond school board who isn't Bob Brennan or Judy Remington. Who Jack Bauer is, I don't know. But she speaks highly of anyone connected with the Do Group.

Below is the entire post by Jack Bauer:

ATS&R’s $94,051.40 Statement
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--- Jack Bauer @ 11:09 am

Paul Erickson, President of ATS&R submitted an itemized statement to
the School District on March 21 for $94,051.40 for 685.75 hours for
“Pre-Referendum Services”. He says the services his firm provided have been
requested by the District.

ATS&R has already been paid $25,000 of this amount and an additional $2,570.36 for reimbursable expenses.

The District owes the remaining $69,051.40.

This is the number Board
President Lester Jones has been trying to keep secret. During the past 5-6
months, Jones has been authorizing ATS&R to perform certain “pre-referendum”
work. Never, not once, has the Board voted to authorize these services.

Any District expenditure or future commitment for expenditure must
either be approved in the District budget at the Annual Meeting or be approved
by a publicly noticed agenda item by the Board. The District has no contract
with ATS&R. These expenditures to ATS&R were not included in the
District budget and the Board has never voted on them.

The taxpayers of the District have been put over a barrel. Again.
As usual, Jack Bauer's "facts" don't square with reality. Below is a copy of a letter from ATS&R to the school district explaining that their services have been paid in full. Read the statement for yourself and see if the Jack Bauer version reflects what is being said in this statement. Feel free to include you comments below.

Read the entire ATS&R letter

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